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In the Name of Love 2

Written By: Editor - Oct• 11•12

In the Name of Love 2


Details: 52 min.; cane (200 strokes), single-tail whip
Producer: Mood Pictures

The Love Sect is in its greatest crisis. Mistress Venus has been arrested and Mistress Luna was killed during the police raid, but fortunately Mistress Terra escaped with a few loyal sect members and reorganized it at a new secret place. The whereabouts of this place is kept much more confidential than before: New entrants are taken there blindfolded, and those who ask to leave… who knows what happens to them…? The sect is devoted to love, but below the surface you will discover jealousy, fear, hate and lots of suffering from the mistresses’ brutality. You will see even more brutal tortures than in the first part…


Watch the full length video at: Mood Pictures

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