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Janna getting spanked on building site

Written By: spankings - Apr• 13•12

Janna had just one job to do today and from the looks of it she couldn’t even do that. Her master was building a new place to enjoy all the hot fetish action you could handle and Janna was supposed to make sure it was all nice and clean as he was taking some people there to show them what it looked like so far, but when he arrived and found the place a mess he had to cancel that and well he isn’t very fucking happy right now. He knows there is only one person to blame and that’s Janna and now he is going to punish this bitch with an extreme spanking session.

Janna getting spanked on building site

He totally goess off at Janna and tells her how she ruined everything for him, she trys to say sorry but he isn’t going to accept that right now he tells Janna to get her sweet ass on the table and get ready for some action. She does just what he asked her to do this time and lays on the table, he lifts this babes legs into the air and brings his open hand down on this babes ass so fucking hard she screams as it hit her exposed ass. He isn’t done yet either he takes out his paddle next and hits her with it, her ass cheeks are now all nice and ready and maybe this girl has learned a lesson, or maybe he should keep giving it to this babe! Come and see loads more action now click here.

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