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Judicial outdoor caning for two fetish slaves

Written By: spankings - Jan• 29•12

I don’t need to tell you guys this but I am going to anyway. It seems these two naughty slave girls are taking some serious punishment from their angry master, he has them in front of some medieval wooden stocks and it looks like their exposes asses are about to get punished. I don’t know what these naked bitches did, but I am sure looking forward to watching them getting punished. Thier master stands behind them with his spanking tool and without warning he starts whipping this naked sluts, they let out a sexy scream as he continues to punish them.

Judicial outdoor caning for two fetish slaves

He starts whipping the red head bitch first she is almost in fucking tears as the blonde babe watches on and waits for her turn, she doesn’t need to wait very long at all though as the master moves over to her and gives her the same punishment as the other babe. Watching their tits bounce up and down, and seeing their eyes filling with tears is pretty fuckign sweet, come and see them suffer now in the full length movies inside

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