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Lesbian Asian Spanking

Written By: Editor - Nov• 08•10

Lesbian Asiatic Spanking. Lesbian asiatic girlfriend in classic lovely thrashing punishment in the bedroom. The two playful japanese cuties dirt around in the bedroom until one of them decides the other one needs a painstaking whipping on her bare tail

The pretty lashing of the the sexy eastern rear end is carried out with a remote control in the bedroom. Her hair is pulled keep her in position as she is being welted severely on her increasingly red bottom. Extreme Sadomaso, fetisch exotic slavegirls and correctional discipline punishments with lesbian asian spankers

lesbian asian spanking lesbian asian spanking

Japanese tanning and asiatic Sadomaso fetishes are oldfashioned forms of oriental punishments. Tales of asiatic submissives being disciplined by their masters go back thousands of years and the fetish traditions live on among willing slave women and their cruel punishers. Punishments can range from playful tanning and light eastern bondage to intensecruel torments and judicial canings of the female slave girls.

lesbian asian spanking lesbian asian spanking

In this case we are in the lighter end of exotic punishments with a bedroom girlfriend spanking. Dressed in lingerie the slave slut looks like a real cutie whilst being slavish and spanked

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