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Lesbian Mistress Punishing Her Girl Friend

Written By: spankings - Jul• 23•12

Lesbian Mistress Nimue is about to enjoy what could be the best lesbian fetish sex she has ever had in her life, her new girl friend Lyarah has agreed to a full hardcore session of caning, spanking and loads more hot punishment, and it’s all coming from her naughty Mistress. Nimue asks her to hold out her hand. She does and Nimue wastes no time right away she slams it with a leather spanking implement it hit her right in the palm, and Lyarah lets out a little scream. This just turns her Mistress on even more, and she tells her to remove her pants as it was time for her pussy to feel her wrath. The Mistress was right into this hardcore fetish porn, and Lyarah was taking the punishment pretty well for a beginner at least.

Once she had her pants of though that’s when Nimue really started the pain session, she tells her to turn around and spread her checks, once she has done this the Mistress lays huge blows with her cane right on her hot little ass. Her butt cheeks are as red as a cherry and I’m certain this has to hurt. Lyarah is right into it now though she tells her Mistress to keep the pain coming so Nimue gets out some pegs and places them on her girl friends face. Come and see how much punishment this bitch can take from her girl friend click here now.

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