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Lesbian Slave Girls Spanked In The Woods

Written By: spankings - Mar• 26•11

Nimue and Miss Chaos have been naughty slave girls yet again. It seems like whenever these babes get together it’s nothing but trouble for their poor master. However, he is going to teach these bitches a lesson that they won’t soon forget that’s for sure. The master was walking around the salve camp just checking on things when she heard some girls talking in the woods, it was unusual as all the slave girls were told to stay in their rooms after supper, so he wasn’t sure who it was. He took his spanking cane with him and went to investigate. He could see Nimue and Chaos in the woods totally naked and having lesbian sex.

Lesbian Slave Girls Spanked In The Woods

He thought that while it was really hot and sexy to watch these bdsm babes going for it, he would still have to teach them a lesson. He came out and started going mad at them, and well you could tell the fetish babes were scared that he had found them. He told them that he hoped they had fun as this was going to be a very painful experience for them. That’s when he spanked this bitch’s hardcore and made both their asses totally fucking red, check this out now click here.

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