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Lesbian spanking and caning for blonde fetish babe

Written By: spankings - Aug• 28•11

This short haired lesbian bitch was feeling in the mood for giving her submissive slave girl a nice spanking and caning. However, she wasn’t sure if her girl friend was up for it, lucky for her, though she couldn’t really give a shit if she said no, as she was going to punish her either way. She walked into the bedroom to find her naughty slave girl already laying down naked in bed. It turns out this skanky bitch was going to give herself some action anyway so her mistress was in luck as she was already naked and in the mood for some sweet hardcore fetish.

Lesbian spanking and caning for blonde fetish babe

The mistress walks over to her naked slave girl and reaches down to remove her underwear. She then pulls this blonde bitch up by the hair and proceeds to tell her just what sort of punishment she is in for. This poor blonde girl is then forced to lay down on her stomach as her mistress goes to work on her exposed ass. She uses the cane to make her butt nice and red, then she spanks her with such force you would see the tears forming in this blonde girls eyes. Come and watch her taking some sweet spanking fetish now guys click here.

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