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Miki Gets Spanked For Being Naughty

Written By: spankings - May• 03•11

When your’e Master is a sadist who loves pain you do not want to piss him off but that’s exactly what Miki did, she was supposed to polish her master boots this morning, but instead he found her reading a fucking book and now this bitch is getting punished for being so disobedient. The Master gags her mouth shut. He doesn’t want to listen to this crying bitch another second. He is going to show her who is boss, and she had better shut the fuck up and listen to him this time. He gets her on all fours and then brings out his cane. He knows she can see it in his hand, and that’s what he wanted, he knew when she seen it she would be full of fear, and now it was time to use that fear to have some fun.

Miki Gets Punished For Being Naughty

This BDSM Master taps her little ass with the cane, not hard he just wants to show her that he will be using her ass for target practice a little later. He finds a soft spot under her chest and let’s rip with the cane it’s a massive blow, and it scares Miki’s hardcore body. She doesn’t think she can take much more of this but what can she do? Come and find out now guys just click here.

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