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Mistress Chaos caning this cute fetish babe

Written By: spankings - Jul• 13•12

Fetish Mistress Chaos is in the mood for caning some petty little bitch and she doesn’t need to look far to find such a girl, this sexy brunette babe looks just the type to take a hardcore caning session. Miss Chaos sets this babe up as she gets her dressed in some fetish gear, gagging her mouth she gets her to sit on the floor and take some punishment from her. She then takes out her wooden tool of doom and dishes out some action to her, she takes it to her back first getting it nice and red. Now the real action gets going with some bizarre torture to this exposed slave girls ass, I bet this kinky babe hasn’t been punished like this in ages and there is no doubt she is fucking loving it.

Mistress Chaos caning this cute fetish babe

Mistress Chaos gets this fetish honey to get down on all fours now, and once she is this fetish babe pushes the end of the spoon into her ass and laughs as she screams in pain. The Mistress isn’t done yet she knows this cute slave girl can takes loads more action then this, come and check it all out for yourself now guys click here.

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