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Naughty Babe Nimue Takes Hard Caning

Written By: spankings - Jun• 30•11

Nimue, this collar wearing slave girls just loves the punishment of a hardcore caning session. She was at her Masters dark dungeon, and she was about to start what could be the best caning she has ever received. The master had his favorite tool of pain in his hands, and he was all ready to go. Nimue was wearing a nice figure hugging corsett. She could hear the wind rush as he landed a nice smack on her ass with the cane Nimue’s face winced a little as the feeling of pain swept over her entire body but this is exactly what Nimue loves, and she is begging the Master for more.

Submissive Babe Nimue Taking Caning

He obeys her wish and lands a few quick blows to various parts of her body. Her ass is red and sore from the constant blows by the cane, but she still needs more punishment for being such a submissive slave girl. To make things more interesting Nimue gets her hands tied up with rope then the Master pushes her to the ground where he keeps smacking her with the cane. She can really feel her ass in pain now, and it’s looking very red and sore. Nimue has done a good job by taking all this BDSM punishment come and watch her take even more now click here.

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