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Older man punishes brunette with a cane

Written By: spankings - May• 16•12

This housewife has a dirty old man for a husband, but that isn’t the worst part. He is so controlling of her and demands that she always is on time and when she isn’t this girl gets punished hardcore. Like today, she was home late from the shops, and it was only a few minutes, but as soon as she walked in the front door, she knew it was going to be on. She tried to explain why she was late by he didn’t want to hear it, he told her to get on the couch right away and take her punishment like a good little bitch.

Older man punishes brunette with a cane

She figured it was best to do as she was told as she didn’t want to make him get angrier. So here she was with her face stuffed in the couch and her bare ass in the air, she knew what he was going to do, so she was a little worried, he picked up a cane and started spanking her exposed ass with it. She tried not to scream but even for an old man he had some power in him. He wasn’t done with this bitch yet though he has plenty more fetish torments to give her for being disobedient. Come and see what else this poor girl has to endure now just click here.

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