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Prison Punishment Show – Mood Pictures Film

Written By: Editor - Feb• 08•16

Spanking game show and real female prison reality show from Mood Pictures featuring hard caning, naked whipping and cruel corporal punishment in front of an audience.

The federal government launched a brand new slave discipline system. Inmates with a remaining jail time period as much as 1 12 months can apply for collaborating within the Prion Punishment show. In the event that they take part, their remaining jail terms get halved. Individuals can both go to see this show or can watch the live broadcast on TV. Get the full length spanking reality show at Mood Pictures

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Spanking Game Show

They’ll even vote with a smartphone applications. Feminine viewers determine the number of whip-strokes, male viewers vote the for the variety of cane strokes for every inmate. As soon as the viewers resolve, the inmate can now not quit the punishment. Now we are able to see such punishment show with live viewers, and we additionally see what’s taking place behind the scenes within the jail if the cruel guards get an excessive amount of power.

A cruel and unusual spankings game show from Mood Pictures. The creators of many legendary whipping films and sadistic caning sessions. Reality TV gone kinky with slaves being spanked in front of an audience. Sadistic, cruel and heartless. But great fun!

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Get the full length movie at Mood Pictures

prisoner punishment show - mood pictures

Prison Punishment Show Video

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