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Skinny Babe Pixie In Extreme Weight Torture

Written By: spankings - Mar• 31•11

Pixie is the type of girl who is always doing the most extreme things and totally loving it, Today she had a massive craving for something unusual, but she wasn’t sure what. She went down into her Master’s dungeon and asked him if he knew something that she hadn’t tried yet, he thought about it, and well she had done pretty much everything he could think of but then he remembered she hadn’t done weight torture yet. He explained to her what it involved, and she was really keen on getting things started. She took off her clothing and was standing there totally naked and feeling more then a little exposed.

Skinny Babe Pixie In Extreme Weight Torture

The Master bound her hands together and attached a small but very heavy looking weight to her hands, now she had to keep her hands help upright and not move them at all. Next he gets some surgical scissors out and clamped her cleanly shaved pussy together, things were going really well Pixie had held the weights up nicely and hadn’t dropped it once. However, now the Master was also going to spank her hot little ass and give her some more extreme torture, come and check out this fetish babe in action just click here.

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