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Skinny Blonde Girl Sadisticly Tormented

Written By: spankings - Jun• 21•11

This skinny blonde girl is enduring some of the most sinister pussy pain and spanking fetish I have ever seen. Her master is wearing a mask over his face as he is so sick and twisted his bizarre acts of fetish are sure to shock even the most hardcore fetish fan. Her Master uses her saggy pussy lips to his own pleasure as he attaches some clamps to it and watches them pull her lips down nice and hard. He then gets his whip and while the clamps are still attached to her pussy, he whips her cunt nice and hard with it giving her some very serious pain in her lower region.

Skinny Blonde Girl Sadisticly Tormented

She doesn’t look like she is in much pain, but it would be hard not to be, well not when a master as sadistic as he is giving out the pain in the way he does. Nevertheless, she continues the fetish session, and he Master keeps up with the pain this time he turns her around and spanks her exposed ass red raw using nothing but his hand to inflict the pain on her butt. If you want to see the full movie of this bizarre fetish session then get ready to experience hardcore fetish sex just click here now.

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