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skinny fetish babe spanked with newspaper

Written By: spankings - Nov• 04•11

This master was trying to read his morning newspaper but one of his fetish slave bitches was being such a fucking pain. She was hassling him to have some fun with her and she just wouldn’t leave him alone, well he lost his temper a little and spanked her with the newspaper, he was about to stop but he noticed this tender babe was actually enjoying it. He kept on spanking her with the paper and watched on as she acted like a dog waiting on her every masters command. He put her on her back and then spanked her exposed pussy, he could see this bitch was getting excited and he was as well.

skinny fetish babe spanked with newspaper

He decided to see just how far this babe was willing to go for him, holding her by the hair he pushed her head down to his shoe and watched as she started licking and kissing his shoes. Next he got a comb out and started brushing this babes hot ass with it, he made sure to spank her fine ass every now and again and watched as she sat there like a good girl as he groomed her body. This skinny fetish babe is fucking awesome guys, come and see loads more hot action with this babe now just click here.

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