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Slender slave girl tormented

Written By: spankings - Jun• 11•12

Look at the sweet body on this slender slave girls, it’s like this babes ass was built for spanking. Magick was thinking the same thing and thats why he was in the process of tying this babe up with some rope so he could have his way with her and make this babe suffer. He tied her up and then started tormenting this poor girl, she was forced to listen to him telling her how he was going make her tight little ass all nice and red with a hardcore spanking, but before he did that he was going to punish this babe with some bizarre fetish.

Slender slave girl tormented

This hogtied babe just laid there while Magick started playing with her sweet figure, he worked her over with some sensual looking fetish acts and he is pretty sure this babes pussy is getting nice and wet. Before he does anything about that it’s time for her ass to get it, he takes his hand and slams it down on her tight ass, he does this not once but several times and soon enough her butt is nice and fucking red. This tight slave girl wants you to come and see what else she had to suffer today, do that now and loads more click here.

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