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Submissive Girl Getting Beating By Mistress

Written By: spankings - May• 22•11

Sammy is really upset with her disobedient slave girl Kate. You see Kate is one of these types of whores that just will not do as she is told. Now her Mistress is going to teach this bitch’s ass a lesson with her cane. She gets Kate to bend over and expose her soft ass, she lifts her cane high in the air and belts her a few times on her bare ass. Kate keeps screaming that she will listen to her Mistress from now on but we all have heard that before and the Mistress isn’t interested in hearing her crap. She thinks Kate might need a little extra discipline as such she takes another cane out and gives this fetish babe two massive strikes all at the same time.

Slave Girl Getting Beating By Mistress

This really hurts Kate and you can clearly see her exposed ass is all red and covered in marks where the canes have struck her, before she lets this bdsm babe off the hook she needs to exert one final punishment on her she wants to cane her boobs as well. She knows this will inflict lots of pain on Kate but frankly she needs it, come and check out the full hardcore action now click here.

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