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tattooed covered bitch getting spanked

Written By: spankings - Mar• 18•11

Angel is having a nice relaxing time at home she is very content to just sit her plump ass on the couch and maybe have a little sleep, but just as she is about to doze off, she hears someone come in the front door, and then she remembered what she had to do. It seems her Master just got home, and this tattooed covered bitch was supposed to have dinner ready for him, but now he walks in and finds this bitch pretty much asleep on the couch oh hell no this fucking slut is going to get some hardcore punishment now and the Master wants you to have some fun and watch the action.

tattooed covered bitch getting spanked

He tells this trashy whore to get her fat ass up from the couch as he is going to give her plump butt a full on spanking, she knows she did wrong, but now she can make up for being a naughty babe all she needs to do is take some of his hardcore punishments, and he will be happy with her again. He gets her up on her hands and then tells her to spread her legs. She doesn’t hear him pick up his spanking tool, and before she knows it is laying massive blows on her bare butt with this fetish device. She kind of likes how it feels and isn’t planning on telling him that, she is just going to act like a good girl for now and enjoy the fun.

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