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Whipping Girls

Written By: Editor - Mar• 12•16

He examines her lovely ass and decides that it’s much too soft and plain looking and deserves some welts upon it. So he has her strip naked at his whim. She is about to receive the most severe whipping that she has ever gotten in her life. So he has her bend over the leather horse and he’s got her hands and legs tied to the legs of the horse and starts administering a hard caning.

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sweet_29 sweet_24 sweet_23 sweet_21 sweet_20 sweet_18 sweet_17 sweet_16 sweet_12 sweet_11 sweet_10 sweet_09

She is now one of his whipping girls and she is going to learn that her welts will be a badge of honor. This sado whipping scene has her screaming at his punishments but she should learn not to be such a filthy slut.

Tied Up And Whipped. This naughty chick has wrecked and burned the car and her boyfriend is pissed! Now he has got her tied to the hood of it and is teaching her a lesson for her mistake. She will get a severe whipping all along her body with a bull whip for her accident. Plus she’ll get an extra breast whipping and pussy whipping all at once.

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Get the movie from these photos at Mood Pictures

She is tied up and completely helpless to this punishment and he doesn’t mind giving her a good flogging in public. This whipping scene has her screaming for him to stop but he isn’t finished with her yet. He’s got her blindfolded and all tied up and giving her the hard whipping that her irresponsible ass deserves.

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