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Alexas Shameful Spanking

Written By: Editor - Jan• 24•13

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A photographer for Spanked And Abused found Alexa Z hiding in one of his decorative crates. Alexa had been playing hide and go seek with her friends but now the game was over for her. The crates were very expensive and not to played in. He decided it was time Alexa was spanked.

Alexa was surprised to see that it wasn’t one of her friends that had found her hiding spot. She was shocked when the photographer grabbed her by the hair to pull her out of the crate. He put her on his knee and started to spank her ass until it was sore and bright red! But he wasn’t done with her – he made her suck his cock while he continued to slap her ass. Finally, while she was bent over the crate, he rammed her tight pussy from behind!

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