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Amateur Spankings

Written By: admin - Apr• 06•16

Kinky amateur spankings of novice slaves. Powerful beginner spankings of two submissive spankees in corporal punishments and hardcore disciplinary impact play. Fae Corbin is whipped, caned and spanked by her boyfriend for disobedience and cheeky ways.

Tinys Robust Newbie Spanking and kinky discipline of redhead submissive in personal corporal discipline session by leather-based whip, wood paddle and belt. Laborious feminine spanking and leather-based belt punishment of newbie slave in ache at

Spankee Kissing Boots

Spankee Kissing Boots

Spankee Kissing Boots

The spankee is on the floor. She knows she has misbehaved. The punishment is coming. Her master looms over her. Implements ready at hand. The spankee kissing boots. Tasting leather. The whip about to crack over her bottom. Bruising her fine skin on the bare bottom. Soon glowing read. Pain. Humiliation!

Sexual servitude. A glowing blistered bottom. Fae Corbin loves the punishment. The endurance. The intimate disciplinary sessions with her strict boyfriend at

Faes Amateur Spanking

Faes Amateur Spanking

Amateur Spankings

Sexy amateur slave girls in hard amateur spankings. The cane. The paddle. Wooden spoons. Bare hand. Whips. The spanking implements are out. In force! The bottoms are red. The eyes are tearful. The feeling is of humiliation and pain. Follow Faes discipline. The corporal punishment. The disobedience corrected! Amateur Spankings from Shadow Slaves – Female Punishment Films

Amateur Spankings

Amateur Spankings

We recommend catching some more severe Spanking films at with plenty of blistered bottoms!

Revenge On The Laughing Girl Whipping Film

Written By: admin - Mar• 18•16

A few weeks ago we featured the extreme public caning film Prison Punishment Show. Four girls were whipped mercilessly in front of a huge audience. One audience member in particular – an innocent looking beauty – was laughing constantly at the intense suffering of the four girls being whipped.

revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 13 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 16 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 15 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 14 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 8 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 5 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 6 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 3 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 21

Girl On Girls Whipping Films

Now these four girls are back with a vengeance. The four girls led by Tippi take Revenge on the laughing girl with even less mercy and even more joy than she displayed at their tears, bruises and screams. Poor Lori as the laughing girl is named. As a revenge poor Lori receives a a hard punishment from all four girls (Tippi, Nicole, Roxane and Bonnie – if you want to see why just watch The Prison Punishment Show and see them in extreme pain as Lori was laughing at them and enjoying every painful stroke the 4 women received)

As it should be. The last punishment. Sentenced by Tippi is the hardest and most cruel. This is one of the most merciless and extreme whipping films to come out in recent years. The rigid caning and pityless whippings endured leave Lori covered in welts and bruises. Tears stream down her face. The pain is endless. The tortures unbearable. A spanking video like no other showing why they say a woman is a womans worst enemy.

The four girls get their revenge. Lori is laughing no more. But they certainly are!

revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 29 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 28 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 27 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 26 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 25 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl-movie-mood-pictures thumbnail 24

Revenge On The Laughing Girl

Revenge On The Laughing Girl is not your run of the mill spanking movie. Even if you normally enjoy rather hard whipping films from Mood Pictures you might be surprised and shocked. In Revenge On The Laughing Girl we are shown exactly how spiteful women can be to each other. Exactly how much a girl on girl grudge can end up hurting when one of them suddenly has the power to punish the other as hard, relentless and pitiless as she fancies.

In this case all of this is times 4. All four women from The Prison Punishment show wants a turn at taking revenge on Lori. You can see in their eyes how much they enjoy her fear, her tears, her screams and her suffering. They delight in the sadism. They thrive on making her suffer. Every stroke is carried out with a venom. This is no case of “oh she needs 50 strokes, lets go easy for a start and make the last couple count” – it looks like they try to draw blood with every single stroke of the cane and beating of the whip. And they even laugh about it and enjoy it.

Revenge on the laughing girl movie - Mood Pictures

Extreme spanking film featuring Lori in full force whipping. Girl on girl spanking. Hard whipping of the back. And much more!


Spanking Live On Stage – Mood Pictures Spanking Party Movie

Written By: admin - Mar• 15•16

Spanking Live On Stage

We recorded this live event in the Us during a show of a secret society. Three new members are joining the community, and these three girls must endure painful entry procudure, while being watched by the other members.

spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 24 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 23 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 22 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 19 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 16 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 18 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 20 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 15 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 21

We recorded this live event in the US during a show of a secret society. Three new members are joining the community, and these three dolls must bear painful entry procudure, while being watched by the other members. But not only these three applicants are whipped during the show. Though some members agreed to show their faces, most of them are hidden behind a mask or behind the camera.

Get the full length spanking film and watch the spankees punished live on stage in front of an audience at Mood Pictures

Spanking Party Rules

1) Most spanking parties are spanking only. That includes hand spanking, whipping, flogging, caning and other forms of impact play. In more discreet fashions you can obviously enjoy all the fetishes you desire. Remember though: It IS a SPANKING Party!

2) Nudity is allowed. Bare bottoms of spankees required.

3) Sexual activities are required to take place privately

4) NEVER Ignore a safeword. You will be immediately ejected from the spanking party. Red for stop, yellow for take it easy, and green for go go go.

5) Do not interfere with anyone else’s play. Do make yourself comfortable and watch, but don’t involve yourself unless invited. If somebody plays harder than you would be comfortable with or than you think is reasonable, do NOT interfere. Your rules are yours, not theirs. They have safewords and rules in place. Stay out of it unless invited.

6) Spanking role plays are allowed and encouraged. Do not interfere with role plays or force anyone to break out of their roles!

7) Photography of your OWN scenes are allowed. Do NOT take pictures of others unless specifically allowed to. If seen taken photos of others your photographs will be deleted and you will be ejected.

8) Never let a spankee leave a spanking party without a thoroughly red bottom. This is strictly against the rules! :)

spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 10 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 9 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 13 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 14 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 12 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 11 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 8 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 7 spanking-live-on-stage-mood-pictures-movie thumbnail 5

Mood Pictures Spanking Party Movie

A wild spanking party with plenty of girls on stage receiving 50 strokes in front of a large audience cheering on their suffering. A real public spanking humiliation for delicious spankees. You will see latina babes spanked, ebony spankees punished and alternative amateur girls getting on stage for public corporal punishment.

The full length spanking party film is available from Mood Pictures

Spanking Live On Stage - Mood Pictures Spanking Party Movie

Female Corporal Punishment

Written By: admin - Mar• 12•16

Female corporal punishment in a jail and judicial setting. They are sentenced. Whipped. Bleeding. Crying. The spankings do not stop. The female executioners of the punishments are merciless. The pain is extreme. Set within the punishment room of an establishment quite a few women obtain judicial slave discipline. Suspended from the ceiling, tied to a body or over a punishment bench, the outcome is identical, lash after lash of the jailer’s whip welts their mushy backs and buttocks.

Judicial female slave punishment refers back to the infliction of judicial punishment on account of a sentence by a courtroom of regulation. The punishment may be trashing,bastinado, birching, whipping, or strapping. The follow was as soon as commonplace in lots of international locations, but it surely has now been abolished in most Western nations, however stays an appropriate authorized punishment in some Asian, African and Center Jap international locations.

See the full length female corporal punishment movie at Mood Pictures

sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 37 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 36 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 35 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 34 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 33 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 32 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 31 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 30 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 29 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 28 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 27 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 26 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 25 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 24 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 23 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 22 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 21 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 20 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 19 sentenced-to-corporal-punishment-mood-pictures thumbnail 17

Female Corporal Punishment

In a distant nation criminals have the chance to decide on judicial punishment as an alternative of going to jail. Sentenced. Caned. Whipped. Bruised. Bleeding. Crying. Slaves in fear. Taken to the punishment room. Undressed. Tied up. Whipped without mercy. Struggling. Suffering. A very extreme whipping film production. Follow every stroke of the cane. Every hit with the whip digging into female flesh. Cruel spanking for female subjects.

Two women get into hassle in a overseas land with very strict judicial system. They need to select whether or not to hold round in a slutty stinking jail just a few months or assent to corporal penalty. Their lawyer advises concerning the alternative of personal corporal discipline establishments out there for a payment. We see punishments of our disparate females in each the official and the personal establishment.

Pure fear. In every face. Pure pain. As the cane strikes. As the whip hits. As bruises and welts cover the slaves. Deep dark welts on bottoms. Striped backs. Tears. Screams. Smirks on the faces of the female sadists. They love seeing the suffering they cause. They love the pain. They love spanking females.

Extremely cruel corporal punishment film of real whipping, caning and bruising of crying female slaves by entirely merciless mistresses who enjoys inflicting pain, causing fear and seeing their subject suffering at MOOD PICTURES

Sentenced corporal-punishment by mood pictures

Whipping Girls

Written By: admin - Mar• 12•16

He examines her lovely ass and decides that it’s much too soft and plain looking and deserves some welts upon it. So he has her strip naked at his whim. She is about to receive the most severe whipping that she has ever gotten in her life. So he has her bend over the leather horse and he’s got her hands and legs tied to the legs of the horse and starts administering a hard caning.

Get the movie from these photos at Mood Pictures

sweet_29 sweet_24 sweet_23 sweet_21 sweet_20 sweet_18 sweet_17 sweet_16 sweet_12 sweet_11 sweet_10 sweet_09

She is now one of his whipping girls and she is going to learn that her welts will be a badge of honor. This sado whipping scene has her screaming at his punishments but she should learn not to be such a filthy slut.

Tied Up And Whipped. This naughty chick has wrecked and burned the car and her boyfriend is pissed! Now he has got her tied to the hood of it and is teaching her a lesson for her mistake. She will get a severe whipping all along her body with a bull whip for her accident. Plus she’ll get an extra breast whipping and pussy whipping all at once.

sweet_08 sweet_07 sweet_06 sweet_05 sweet_04 sweet_03 sweet_02 sweet_01 sweet

Get the movie from these photos at Mood Pictures

She is tied up and completely helpless to this punishment and he doesn’t mind giving her a good flogging in public. This whipping scene has her screaming for him to stop but he isn’t finished with her yet. He’s got her blindfolded and all tied up and giving her the hard whipping that her irresponsible ass deserves.

Kinky Amateur Spanking Of Disobedient Girlfriend

Written By: admin - Mar• 07•16

Kinky amateur spanking of disobedient girlfriend in corporal punishment and much needed discipline of sexy bare bottom enduring blistering hard caning at The Pain Files Female Punishment Videos. Spankings and caning of an amateur girlfriend in nude fetish punishments. Bottom up. Touch your toes. Its time for a fierce spanking. The girlfriend needs a spanking. The cane comes out. The bottom is warmed up with a hand spanking. Then it is time for the sting of cane.

Sexy girlfriend Alice shows of naked at home. Her boyfriend does NOT appreciate her efforts. He decides she needs a hard punishment. A spanking is fairly awarded for disobedient amateur girl with the small firm tits.

FOTO_DV_729_B_10 sin_titulo-0 sin_titulo-1 sin_titulo-2 sin_titulo-3 sin_titulo-4

See more sadomasochism, punishment and spanking at The Pain Files

FOTO_DV_729_B_07 FOTO_DV_729_B_08 FOTO_DV_729_B_09

Kinky Amateur Spanking

The Disobedient Girlfriend. The bare bottom. The cane. Alice has her ass warmed with a hard hand spanking. Then the cane comes out. Every stroke a stinging stream of pain. Agony. Blank eyes. Alice suffers but not exactly silently. The corporal punishment leaves her screaming, moaning and groaning at her punishing boyfriend at

Sexy spanking of a real amateur spankee at home with her boyfriend!

FOTO_DV_729_B_04 FOTO_DV_729_B_05 FOTO_DV_729_B_06

Female Corporal Punishment

Kinky amateur spanking of disobedient girlfriend in corporal punishment and much needed discipline of sexy bare bottom. Private spankee punishment of Alice at The Pain Files Whipping Films with a sexy nude girl next cutie punished.

Delightful domination. A well deserved trashing. Alice suffers. The strap and cane sweeps across her bottom. The amateur spankee is bent over for punishment. The cane swirls over her ass. Pain. Delight. Suffering. And a warm feeling of pain spreading from her punished ass. The girl next door brat in severe spankings and erotic punishment. Naughty amateur babe Alice in spanking and correctional discipline of disobedient girl friend in bare bottom trashing and domination.

FOTO_DV_729_B_01 FOTO_DV_729_B_02 FOTO_DV_729_B_03

Caning of Harem Girls

Written By: admin - Feb• 17•16

Slaves of Rome – Caning of enslaved harem girls and lesbian spanking at Mood Pictures

slave slave_01 slave_02 slave_03 slave_04 slave_05 slave_06 slave_09 slave_10 slave_11 slave_12 slave_13 slave_14 slave_20 slave_21 slave_22 slave_23 slave_24 slave_25 slave_26 slave_28 slave_29 slave_30 slave_31

Spanking to tears of slaves of Rome at Mood Pictures by true lesbian mistresses taking great pleasure in making their female slaves cry under the cane. Caning of Harem Girls. Each slave is left screaming, crying and begging. The cane does its work!

Mrs Geist Class Spanking Film from Mood Pictures

Written By: admin - Feb• 14•16

Mrs geist class spanking movie from mood pictures – schoolgirl spanking roleplay video. She is sure securely to the desk however after watching this video for a couple of minutes you’re going to get the concept she doesn’t need to escape. Nonetheless she was making an attempt to raise these legs up towards the top to guard her ass. It didn’t do her any good after all, he simply hit tougher! These ladies appear to by no means be taught to remain nonetheless.

Mrs Geist teaches a category of women. When a lady is wrongfully paddled for dishonest in an examination, it begins a sophisticated story of revenge and setups and women paddling and strapping different women. When Mrs Geist finds out, she re-establishes her authority by giving every of the ring-leaders a extreme fifty stroke spanking. See the full length spanking film at Mood Pictures

Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video

Schoolgirl Spanking Roleplay

Flogging Punishment in Mrs Geist Class. This classic Spanking Film from Mood Pictures is a gem. Although I’ve to confess to being keen on suspension when it’s used for feminine flogging punishment, or any punishment for that matter, this episode does properly with only a bench and a few straps. This trainee slut has no head for heights and a bench to tie her down is an efficient option to break her in.

When you assume although, that it will likely be a comfortable whipping you might be so mistaken! This slut is getting her ass cheeks, hips and even her legs reddened fantastically. Actually the pores and skin broke in a few locations this flogging was so extreme. The dominant went again over her hips too making certain there wasn’t a spot that wasn’t flogged totally and burning. Don’t you simply love a sadist who pays consideration to particulars? She may not be loving it a lot proper now although.

Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video Mrs geist class spanking film from mood pictures - schoolgirl spanking roleplay video

Mrs Geist Class Paddling

Mrs geist class spanking movie from mood pictures – schoolgirl spanking roleplay video. A classic spanking video with brutal paddling and bottoms spanked

Paddles. Applied hard on female bottoms! The women within the class of Mrs. Gest after which quarrel and substitute one another. This time, to these used within the film “devaysa” added one other, and paddle. This film is the second half within the Love trilogy. The ladies within the class kind two teams. Sandy has a detailed relationship with Mrs. Geist, however she is caught dishonest through the examination. They act like lovers when Sandy tries to indicate Mrs. Geist that Sandy knew all of the questions.

Harmless Andie receives laborious punishment for her try by an enormous paddle. Andie and her mates need to take revenge, in order that they blackmail the rival group as a result of they caught them smoking within the cellar. 5 strokes from every woman by a paddle make their butts painfully pink. Fragile Sandy receives 50 very laborious full physique strokes of the belt. Nevertheless it got here to Mrs. Geist’s data and she or he makes use of her cane to indicate who the actual boss within the class is… See the full length spanking film at Mood Pictures

Mrs Geist Class Video

Amateur Caning

Written By: admin - Feb• 14•16

Amateur Caning at featuring a real private bedroom spanking and bent over cane experience for a naughty housewife disciplined for disobedience.

FOTO_DV_729_A_01 FOTO_DV_729_A_02 FOTO_DV_729_A_03 FOTO_DV_729_A_04 FOTO_DV_729_A_05 FOTO_DV_729_A_06 FOTO_DV_729_A_07 FOTO_DV_729_A_08 sin_titulo-2

See more caning, spanking and pain at The Pain Files – Extreme Punishment Videos

Painful Female Whipping

Written By: admin - Feb• 14•16

Painful female whipping behind closed doors at Mood Pictures. Exhausting and painful female Whipping. It actually doesn’t matter if this sadist is giving her a tough whipping over burnt meals, or a unclean kitchen. Hell he would use the excuse an excessive amount of salt for a whipping if he selected. At the moment its a beatdown for this slut. No matter her transgressions I’m positive this slut is wishing she had achieved one thing in a different way.

behind_06 behind_07 behind_08 behind_09 behind_10 behind_11 behind_12 behind_13 behind_14 behind_16 behind_19 behind_24 behind_28 behind_29 behind_32

This can be a particular kitchen with suspension hooks and a cane and loads of time to provide this slut the onerous whipping she deserves. Nonetheless this slut was simply too squirmy. I imply everyone knows what occurs when they’re twisting each which method with a cane…yeah.

He discovered a option to repair that, he handed her two full glasses of water to carry with out spilling whereas suspended the wrong way up. Now this can be a sadist who actually understands torment!

There’s simply no worse trait for a slut than that of willfulness. I imply in addition to disobedience, and stubbornness, and …oh nevermind. It is a willful little slut right now who has a sado whipping in retailer for her that she won’t neglect quickly. Painful female whipping behind closed doors at Mood Pictures