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Female Judicial Whipping

Written By: admin - Feb• 12•16

She was a bit of whore who gave the boys a horny strip tease dance, however they weren’t so amused. They determined to present her onerous whipping for being such a bit slut. As she was strapped to a desk, one of many males let the bull whip crack down on her ass for a really extreme ass whipping. The entire different males watched as he beat her oiled up ass with the whip after which a flogger.

She took a great flogging feminine punishment as the lads cheered at her humiliation. Her ass turned reddened whereas her whipping punishment received increasingly more extreme. This extreme whipping in entrance of an viewers solely made her really feel extra humiliated and just like the little slut she really was.

Whipping photos provided by The Pain Files – Extreme BDSM Videos

Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping

Merciless Female Judicial Whipping

This naughty housewife was not fulfilling her womanly duties so her husband needed to take issues into his personal arms. He had her chained to a desk in order that she couldn’t transfer and he may have his method together with her. He had a cane in his hand and gave her such a extreme trashing that her ass was starting to kind welts. Although she had tears in her eyes, he felt she deserved a tough trashing much more. Merciless Female Judicial Whipping is used in few places now, but it is worth introducing for disciplining your slave girl.

She took her arduous whipping as he continued to beat her ass for being such a nasty spouse. Then after the cane, he grabbed a bull whip and let it slice throughout her ass, leaving extra wounds and such crimson marks.

Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping Female Judicial Whipping

Whipping photos provided by The Pain Files – Extreme BDSM Videos

Prison Punishment Show – Mood Pictures Film

Written By: admin - Feb• 08•16

Spanking game show and real female prison reality show from Mood Pictures featuring hard caning, naked whipping and cruel corporal punishment in front of an audience.

The federal government launched a brand new slave discipline system. Inmates with a remaining jail time period as much as 1 12 months can apply for collaborating within the Prion Punishment show. In the event that they take part, their remaining jail terms get halved. Individuals can both go to see this show or can watch the live broadcast on TV. Get the full length spanking reality show at Mood Pictures

pps_02 pps_03 pps_04 pps_05 pps_06 pps_07 pps_09 pps_10 pps_11

Spanking Game Show

They’ll even vote with a smartphone applications. Feminine viewers determine the number of whip-strokes, male viewers vote the for the variety of cane strokes for every inmate. As soon as the viewers resolve, the inmate can now not quit the punishment. Now we are able to see such punishment show with live viewers, and we additionally see what’s taking place behind the scenes within the jail if the cruel guards get an excessive amount of power.

A cruel and unusual spankings game show from Mood Pictures. The creators of many legendary whipping films and sadistic caning sessions. Reality TV gone kinky with slaves being spanked in front of an audience. Sadistic, cruel and heartless. But great fun!

pps_12 pps_19 pps_21 pps_22 pps_23 pps_24 pps_25 pps_26 pps_27 pps_28 pps_29 pps_30

Get the full length movie at Mood Pictures

prisoner punishment show - mood pictures

Prison Punishment Show Video

Ebony Caning and Palm Spanking

Written By: admin - Feb• 04•16

Ebony caning and palm spanking of black amateur slave in corporal punishment and disciplinary training at The black slaves palms are spanked so hard she screams in agony. But it is about to get worse as the disobedient and disorganised ebony slave girl is bent ove for a fierce and bruising bare bottom caning.

sin_titulo-4 sin_titulo-3 sin_titulo-1 sin_titulo-0 sin_titulo-2 FOTO_DV_727_B_10 FOTO_DV_727_B_09 FOTO_DV_727_B_08 FOTO_DV_727_B_07 FOTO_DV_727_B_06 FOTO_DV_727_B_05 FOTO_DV_727_B_04 FOTO_DV_727_B_03 FOTO_DV_727_B_02 FOTO_DV_727_B_01

See more spanking, caning and flagellation of disobedient female slaves at The Pain Files

Whipping Fae Corbin

Written By: admin - Feb• 04•16

Corporal punishment and hard whipping of sexual slave Fae Corbin in the feature film Silent Treatment showing a boyfriend and master severely disciplining his submissive girlfriend. The whip marks the increasingly red bottom and striped back of whipped slave girl Fae as she suffers, first in silence, later by loud screams and moans.

Intense whipping and domination sex featuring Fae Corbin in the spanking movie Silent Treatment !


silenttreatment06 silenttreatment05 silenttreatment04 silenttreatment03 silenttreatment02 silenttreatment01

Full length spanking film Silent Treatment of Fae Corbins corporal punishment and merciless whipping available for download from Shadow Slaves in high definition with every detail of the slaves training and suffering covered.

Bbw Subs Spanking

Written By: admin - Mar• 02•14

Bbw submissives spanking with corporal punishments

Bbw submissives spanking and corporal punishment of amateur fatty in hardcore domination and bruise – submissives,spanking,corporalpunishment – Rosie B

Amateur Whipping

Written By: admin - Mar• 01•14

Amateur whipping and spanking to tears of blondies

Amateur whipping and spanking to tears of uk fetish submissive Donna in tears and hard paddling – Amateur,whipping,spankings – Donna Denniere

Whipping Till Tears

Written By: admin - Feb• 17•14

Whipping to tears and strict bondage of teen slave

Whipping to tears and strict bondage of teen amateur slave girl in hardcore bdsm movies and intense – Whippings,tears,bondage – Pixies

Ero Lesbian Spanking

Written By: admin - Feb• 15•14

Teen lesbian spanking and erotic lezdom fetishisms Teen lesbian spanking and erotic lezdom fetishes of sexy Natasha tormenting her kinky slave girl – spanking,lezdom,fetishes – Natasha

Whipped Amateur Bdsm

Written By: admin - Jan• 15•14

Whipped amateur slave Sachias in hardcore spanking

Whipped amateur slave Sachas hardcore spanking and extreme bdsm of tortured submissive redhead – Whipped,slave,spanked – Sacha

English Spankee Yanus

Written By: admin - Nov• 11•13

Blonde amateur slaves hell pain whipping of Yanuis. Two amateur slaves whipped in hardcore spanking of tied submissive in private dungeon sessions for blonde masochist Yanus and cheeky brunette babe Fay Corbin. Bondage and spanking of two english submissives. Yanus and Fay Corbin are tied and whipped on their bare bottoms, between the legs and directly on their exposed tits. Kinky spanking, strict bondage and hell pain whipping at for two sexy english spankees. Blonde amateur slaves hell pain whipping and hardcore spanking of english spankee Yanus in whipped pussy agony
amateur-slaves-whipped-02 amateur-slaves-whipped-04 amateur-slaves-whipped-07 amateur-slaves-whipped-08 amateur-slaves-whipped-12 amateur-slaves-whipped-16
Blonde amateur slaves hell pain whipping and hardcore spanking of english spankee Yanus – hellpain,whipping,spanking – Yanus